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Anti-Aging Medicine, The Future is Now

"Age is inevitable; aging is not" is the clarion call of over the thousands of attendees at the International Conferences on Anti-Aging Medicine and BioMedical Technology. Practicing physicians, medical researchers, pharmacologists, and lay people interested in the rapidly expanding field of anti-aging medicine gather to attend seminars, visit the exhibition booths numbering in the hundreds, and informally exchange information on the latest breakthroughs in living healthier, longer.

In the fifth conference, held in Las Vegas, the ramifications of longevity were addressed in an eloquent speech delivered by Apollo X1V astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchel, at the closing banquet. Acknowledging the advances in medical technologies that now make it possible to slow down the process of aging, and, in many cases, even - reverse it, Dr. Mitchell also cautioned those involved in the science of anti-aging medicine to bear in mind the ethics of an expanding population on earth's environment.

Dr. Ronald Klatz, President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), addressed the sellout crowd in the opening session of the conference. Noting that, thus far in this century, the average life span has risen from 47 years to 76, Klatz attributed much of this improvement to the eradication of infectious childhood diseases and improvements in sanitation. The preponderance of advances since 1960, however, has been in medical advancements in treating chronic conditions, such as heart disease and high blood pressure. With the breakthroughs in hormone replacement therapy, Klatz predicted not only the possibility, but also the likelihood of an average LifeSpan of 100 years or more for that segment of society now referred to as "babyboomers." Degenerative disease processes are now being slowed down and reversed thanks to decades of research. Without the fear of osteoporosis, Alzieimer's Disease, loss of mental acuity, loss of libido and seaman potency, and other heretofore accepted symptoms of the aging process, the future is looking quite positive for those individuals who are now availing themselves of anti-aging medicine. Within the next decade, asserts Klatz, the Ageless Society will be a society of vital, alert, contributing, active human beings - people whose biological age will be reversed to a youthful level and will remain so even as they live past the century mark.

The Fifth International Conference on Anti-Aging Medicine and BioMedical Technology recognized the work of individuals whose contributions to the science of anti-aging medicine have made a difference. Dr. Peter Safer, of the University of Pittsburgh, was presented with the A4M Infinity Award. Safer, known as the father of CPR, also announced the findings of his latest research on brain resuscitation. Glimpses into the future of anti-aging medicine were prevalent in both presenters and exhibits.

The field of anti-aging medicine, itself, is relatively young. In 1993 there were only 12 physicians in the A4M, and, at latest count, there are over 5,200 members, making anti-aging medicine possibly the fastest growing primary-care specialty in America. The new clinical specialty of anti-aging medicine was officially born on December 18, 1997, when physicians from all over the world sat for the first American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine's certification examination. The Board Exam was proctored and validated by Harvard University's Philosophy of Education Research Center, Graduate School of Education. Those who pass the written exam and the one to be administered following the first East Coast seminar for physicians focusing on the clinical practice of anti-aging medicine will then need to pass an oral exam.

While the specialty is still in its early years, Klatz, author of "Stopping the Clock" and "Grow Young with HGH," enthusiastically noted that there is a tremendous interest in anti-aging medicine throughout the world. Here in the States, interviews with speakers at the conference, including Dr. Robert Goldman, A4M Chairman of the Board, are being broadcast on radio, television, and on the Internet. Klatz pointed out that MedQuest Research sponsored an Internet broadcast during the conference. Although the site was equipped to handle 10,000 users simultaneously, the audience far exceeded that number, causing the system to go down for a short while.

Centers for the practice of anti-aging medicine have begun to gain notice in the United States. The Pacific International Anti-Aging Center will be the international flagship of anti-aging medicine and cross-cultural HealthCare whose primary anti-aging programs will be designed and overseen by Dr. Ronald Klatz and Dr. Robert Goldman.

Why do we seem to begin to deteriorate after age 40 or so? Scientific studies have shown that by the age of 40, adults become deficient in several hormones, including human growth hormone (hGH). These deficiencies contribute to a decline in energy levels and muscle and bone strength. Additional age markers include diminution of sensory, cognitive, motor, and pulmonary functions, loss of skin elasticity, increased fat to muscle ratio, onset of osteoporosis, lessening of libido, and erratic male erectile function. Problems consistent with aging can be exacerbated by improper nutrition and stress from an unbalanced mental and spiritual life. Even with all the awareness of improving our nutrition, in the United States today, it is extremely difficult for anyone to obtain all of the micro and macro nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential for good health. This is due to two major factors, the soil in which our food grows and on which the animals graze is severely depleted of essential nutrients and the foods we actually eat are generally highly processed. Finally, increased risk of injury and day-to-day aches and pains are more prevalent in the many middle-aged and senior individuals who are not adequately or properly engaged in an effective program of regular physical and spiritual activity.

So, if you or I wanted to live better, longer, what would we need to do? The basis of sound anti-aging medical practice begins with determining the individuals' true biologic age through blood testing and other performance examinations. An individual will contact the PIAC's client/guest representatives, at 1-888-NewLife to get written information and to speak to a care coordinator who can arrange for blood tests at a convenient laboratory. In addition, the care coordinator sends out an extensive medical history form, including medical, nutritional, exercise, and stress issues, for the patient to fill out and return. That initial phone call also includes making arrangements for the client/guests' PIAC visit, at least fourteen days later, at The Pacific International Anti-Aging Center campus in Wailea, Maui. We will arrange tests that can be done at or near our patient/guest's home to determine the client/guest's general state of health and metabolism, level of fitness, hormonal status, and biological age. By the time our guest/patient arrives at The Pacific International Anti-Aging Center for his or her anti-aging new beginnings visit, the HealthCare team is well prepared to make that visit the first day of the rest of our patient/guest's life.

The Center campus itself is to be a beautifully designed multi-million dollar facility where each patient is greeted with a flower lei and treated with the Aloha Spirit. Look "Mauka" to the sweeping slopes of famous Haleakala. Look "Makai," and you'll see the vast and deep blue Pacific Ocean, winter destination of the humpback whales that help make Maui so special. The vista's from Wailea are spectacular. The Center campus houses the tropical architecture of the anti-aging medical facility, which is staffed by permanent and rotating medical professionals representing Western, Eastern, East Indian, and Indigenous approaches to Anti-aging medicine and related treatments. As an anti-aging certification facility, there will be ongoing classes for doctors and practitioners from all over the world being trained and certified. The media center is a hub of activity that produces many programs directed at various anti-aging audiences and provides a "clearing house" network for the thousands of existing and soon-to-be health aid infomercials. The on-line research library takes advantage of Maui's unique global internet connectivity advantage by being host to a ciber collection point for anti-aging and related information.

Your "medical/technical day" on campus will be more comfortable than you could imagine. Your day room will have fresh tropical flowers, current reading material, beautiful music, plus the attentiveness of the friendly, knowledgeable PIAC staff. This is unlike any visit to most medical facilities. The Pacific International Anti-Aging Center is dedicated to the enhancement of health and well-being, as opposed to the treatment of illness. Our guest/patients will sense that the entire HealthCare and personal support team is there to help him or her embark on a positive, life-changing endeavor, which is, in fact, the case. New Life.

Some of the many things we do on your "Medical/Technical day..."

We evaluate your biological age markers, including sensory, cognitive, motor, and pulmonary functions. In addition, there is carpal tunnel screening and testing for bone mineral density, lean body mass, body fat percentage, skin thickness and elasticity, strength, coordination, and flexibility. If indicated, male erectile function can be tested as well. The day includes meetings with the medical director, HealthCare coordinator, nutritionist, exercise physiologist, and activities "evangelist". By day's end, the PIAC HealthCare team is able to ascertain your true biological age and to customize an individualized anti-aging strategy for you.

So, what happens once the patient signs up for The Pacific International Anti-Aging Center Program?

Shortly after your visit to PIAC, you'll receive phone follow-ups from the Care Coordinator to answer any questions and to make sure that supplements and prescriptions have been received. Within two weeks, you'll receive a bound guide to your tailor-made, personal Program. Throughout the months and years that follow, regularly scheduled blood tests are administered at a draw site near your home to monitor your progress. Hormone levels are checked and dosages are adjusted as needed. Throughout the first year, there is an ongoing communication between the HealthCare team and our guest/patient to help assure compliance and ultimate success. You'll return to The Pacific International Anti-Aging Center on an annual basis if you choose and receive periodic progress reports relative to your goals as determined during your initial and follow up visits. In addition, you'll receive a personalized newsletter several times a year with information pointing to areas of your particular interests as well as news about advances in the field of anti-aging medicine.

Why does this work?

The success of the PIAC Program is its unique synergy of total hormone management, nutrition, and regular physical and spiritual activity. Studies have shown that individuals who receive recombinant hGH, in conjunction with other hormones in which they are deficient, experience an increase in energy levels, muscle mass, and HDL levels (Good" cholesterol), along with a decrease in body fat and LDL levels (~bad" cholesterol). Study subjects have reported improved memory retention, healing ability, hair regrowth, and sleep patterns. In addition they have noticed enhanced sexual performance, improved immune systems, a sense of well being, a better complexion, and diminished wrinkles. Complete nutrition is essential for maximizing results of hormone replacement. An outstanding supplementation program works in concert with a healthy diet to achieve optimal nutrition. The American Medical Association, the American Cancer Society, the United States Government, and countless other organizations around the globe have endorsed appropriate physical activity as an essential part of health maintenance. Working with the National Academy of Sports Medicine's Dr. Goldman, we customize a program of gradually increased physical activity including cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and flexibility, which also takes into account your medical history, your diagnostic tests, and your exercise preferences. Although any part of this combination will help improve the quality of ones life, it is the synergy of hormone replacement therapy, optimal nutrition, and physical and mental exercise, strength, and spiritual training working together, that can help individuals achieve optimal health, and counter, and, in many cases, reverse the symptoms of aging.

The Pacific International Anti-Aging Center is dedicated to the science and arts of youthful aging. Like the ever growing number of health professionals concerned with improving the quality of life and longevity, we are constantly keeping a watchful eye for new research breakthroughs. The American Academy of Ani-Aging Medicine continues to support the basic science and clinical anti-aging research. Drs. Klatz and Goldman are participating in the establishment of LEXCORE, a medical information and data sharing intranet, to help eliminate duplication of efforts and to promote maximum use of each research hour. The A4M's 1998 plans include supporting ongoing studies and educating scientific media sources to help increase public understanding of aging as the cause of most degenerative disease problems. As the millennium approaches, the possibilities for advances are limitless. Willard Scott, your work is cut out for you!

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