The Pacific International Anti-Aging Center
Business Plan Venture Summary

Finder's Fee Agreement

The Effective Date of this Agreement: ________________

This Agreement is by and between:

Pacific International Anti-Aging Center (PIAC)

dba Pacific Planning Institute

a Hawaii Business Entity

586 Kumulani Drive, Suite 100

Kihei, HI 96753



(Finder Company)

(Finder Address)

(Finder City, State, Zip)

(Finer phone#, fax# & e-mail)

Purpose of this Agreement:

PIAC and (Finder) agree that (Finder) will act as an authorized representative (Finder) to solicit potential customers and / or accredited investors who may purchase stock and /or invest in PIAC, according to the following terms and conditions:

(Finder) agrees to use his best efforts to find and introduce to PIAC a person, persons, firm or business to whom PIAC may sell stock and / or from whom PIAC may secure investment funding. Upon completion of any transaction described above and in consideration for its efforts, the Finder will receive the following compensation ("Finder's Fee"):

(5%) of all money up to ($500,000.00)=($25,000.00), plus

(3%) of all money after that up to ($1,500,000.00)=($30,000.00), plus

(2%) of all money after that up to ($3,000,000.00)=($30,000.00), plus

(1%) of all money after that up to ($5,000,000.00)=($20,000.00), plus

(1%) of all money after that,

from a purchase of stock and / or investment by any person, persons or firm introduced by (Finder) in a single transaction within 6 months from Effective Date of this Agreement.

The above Finder's Fee shall be due and payable in full by PIAC at such time as PIAC receives the proceeds of the investment. PIAC shall be under no obligation to accept any offers or investment from any person or from any of the persons, firms, or businesses that may be introduced to PIAC by the Finder.

Understood & Agreed

In witness of this Agreement, the Finder and PIAC have executed this Agreement as of the Effective Date written above.

for PIAC

Randolph L. Craft,
Director, PIAC

for Finder





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