The Pacific International Anti-Aging Center
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The Pacific International Anti-Aging Center (PIAC)

The Pacific International Anti-Aging Center of Maui

The New Life Anti-Aging Center

The New Life Center

The Pacific Planning Institute, Inc.

I agree that any information disclosed to me by Randolph L. Craft et al and The Pacific Planning Institute / Pacific International Anti-Aging Center / Ka Wai E Ola / AgeLess Aloha et al in connection with my review of the company and its proposed creation of an Anti-aging medical and cultural facility in Hawaii and the South Pacific will be considered proprietary and confidential, including all such information relating to the company's past, present, or future business activities, research, product design or development, personnel and business opportunities and said information shall remain the property of the herein described companies.

Confidential information shall not include information previously known to me, the general public, or previously recognized as standard practice in the field.

I agree that for a period of three (3) years, I will hold all confidential and proprietary information in confidence and will not use such information except as may be authorized by the company and will prevent its unauthorized dissemination. I acknowledge that unauthorized disclosure could cause irreparable harm and significant injury to the company. I agree that upon request, I will return all written or descriptive matter, including the business plan and supporting documents to the company.

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