The Pacific International Anti-Aging Center
Business Plan Venture Summary


Someone turns 50 every 7 seconds...
  and that rate is accelerating quickly.

There are 35 million members of the AARP
  with an estimated 75-80 million people in the "boomers" age group...
  and that is growing.

The 50+ age group owns 77% of all assets in the U.S.

The 50+ age group purchases 43% of all cars,
  90% of all travel, and eats out 3 times a week.

The "boomers" will spend 1 trillion dollars this year...
  and that is growing.

The Average income for the 50+ age group is $44,000
  with over 10% of that amount discretionary...
  and that is growing.

At each stage of their lives,
  the needs and desires of the baby boomers
  have been the dominant focus of American business
  and popular culture... and that is not changing

Now, with the largest segment of the population reaching age 50+ with their huge sums of money to spend, the investments in the technology of living longer are very large and growing, and these investments are showing up in spades.

From mainstream allopathic medicine to alternative naturopathic medicine, longevity is the buzzword. The A4M, The American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine, is now 5,000+ strong worldwide and growing - it is the fastest growing segment of the medical profession. Balancing the equation, naturopathic medical associations founded upon preventative care are also focusing on longevity. Longevity is the buzzword. What very popular leaders like Deepak Chopra termed "The Ageless Body" is really much more than a mental concept now.

The business of anti-aging will be larger and more significant to our society in the coming decades than anyone other than the sharpest futurists can possibly imagine. Anti-aging research & development is having remarkable - even unbelievable results. When the results of this research reaches a public awareness critical mass, all aging humans, all insurance companies, and all government medical programs responsible for these aging humans will flock to adopt usage because they won't be able to afford not to. Well positioned firms in this market will have a large and growing number of opportunities to choose from to satisfy a healthy business' appetite for growth.

Any discussions of a potential business venture wouldn't be complete without the elements of timing and location included;

Timing - We're on the cusp of the pioneering phase of an exploding industry.
                 Capital Markets are responding extremely well to bio-medical ventures.

Location - We're in one of the most beautiful and desired locations on earth.

We believe that this project is a resounding success waiting to happen... And that anyone lucky enough to be involved with it will add value, have fun, create wealth, and make money.

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